1. Download almost

Platform independent source file

>> Download   |   10 M

2. Compile and Install almost

  1. download the source code file
  2. extract the sources with tar zxf almost-2.1.0.tar.gz
  3. cd almost-2.1.0
  4. ./configure
  5. make
  6. at the end of the compilation the executable will be in the directory almost-2.1.0/bin

3. Download cheshire databases

cheshire requires some databases in order to work properly. The installer script can be downloaded from here. Be aware that they are quite large!

  1. extract the installer script in your home directory with tar zxf cheshireinstall.tar.gz
  2. cd aqvahome
  3. sh mkcheshire.sh

4. Configure cheshire

The last step is to configure cheshire

  1. create or open the file .almost in your home directory
  2. Make sure that it contains the following lines:
    toppar /home/cavalli/almost-2.1.0/toppar
    lib /home/cavalli/almost-2.1.0/almlib
    aqvahome /home/cavalli/aqvahome 
    Note: Change "/home/cavalli" with your home directory path.

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